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Miguel Azcona Developments LLC is a Real Estate Investment Fund. Our goal is to build a fund that brings better returns than the average return in stocks or mutual funds. We are putting together a 5 million dollar fund to buy apartment buildings, renovate them, and sell them. We're looking for accredited investors to invest a minimum of 10,000. Our belief in making great projects guides our practice and we are proud to deliver exceptional projects with excellent returns since. Explore the site and discover how we can work together to invest and create together.



Miguel Azcona Developments is an ambitious and promising company. We plan to take advantage of the growing need for better living conditions. With integrity and strong commitment to delivering results we will achieve the highest quality standards. Our team will work with both investors and contractors to ensure we exceed your expectations. Miguel Azcona Developments will go the extra mile to step above and beyond the standard. If you're interested and want more info about the fund, don't hesitate to reach out.



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